LUKA-PELLI Producent wyrobów skórzanych

Leather products manufacturer: fur coats, vests, hats, gloves, purses, leather gallantry and fur bedspreads. Welcome to the „Luka-Pelli” company website.

A solid company – solid polish product

We are a manufacturer and retailer of high quality clothing, hats and leather gallantry. Our products are made exclusively of natural leather, imported mainly from Italy and Spain. We offer excellent product, for the most demanding customers.

Our passion

Our passion is designing and manufacturing new pattern-designs of leather products: coats, vests, hats, gloves, purses, leather gallantry and fur bedspreads.  We work with great commitment and attention to details. We offer our clients not only the products, but also professional service and flexibility.

„The World of Hats”

„Luka-Pelli” company propose you a wide range of hats designs, from classic to extravagant ending with sport. Our offer includes headwear you can wear for whole generations. „Tradition and Style” of very original design and colors. 

What represents „Luka-Pelli” brand?

„Luka-Pelli” brand is not only the satisfaction of our customers, but also the high quality of our products and attention to every detail while manufacturing our leather articles.  Our production of vests, hats, gloves, purses, leather gallantry and fur bedspreads rests on what is most prized in polish products – quality, thereby our customers are always satisfied.
With „Luka-Pelli” you have the whole variety of products to choose from. We offer more than a hundred leather products types of a very original designs and colors. In our showroom and e-store everyone, even the most demanding customers, will surely find something for themselves.

We tailor custom-made

We also provide a custom-made tailoring services, in accordance with the clients expectations, so that we can fully meet every wish about required sizes and patterns.  Orders may be made via Internet ( You only need to give your sizes according to  the sizing table, which you can find on our e-store.


With our clients in mind,  we have created an e-store, warehouse and showroom, where a increasingly numerous multitude of customers can acquire our leather products. We invite you if you’re a wholesaler or want to become our distributor. Ask as about terms of cooperation.